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  Cost-Estimating a Clothing Line

Domestic Pricing
Branded Apparel: Choose the brand, style, color, sizes, and quantities you plan to order. If you choose to utilize any value-added services (heat transfers, screen printing, dyeing, washing, embroidery, re-labeling, bar coding, etc.), be sure to let us know. If screen printing is to be included, please define the number of colors and the size of the artwork as it is to appear. Style Source will quote you based on this information.

Domestic Custom Apparel: There is no guessing at pricing. Although we may have made many similar garments in the past, a specific style made from a specific fabric is influenced by your specific sizing, the fabric shrinkage, the fabrics cuttable width, the fabric cost, the labeling technique and packaging requirements. Even if the construction is the same as another similar style, these influences can mean a 10-20% cost difference. Subtleties like drape, clinginess, and curl can factor into labor costs. For these reasons we require the following information to provide a reasonably accurate first estimate.
  • Fabric type
  • Fabric weight
  • Color(s)
  • Shrinkage
  • Sample or line drawing
  • Size ratio and range
  • Seam types
  • After-wash dimensions
  • Label type(s)
  • Labels per garment
  • Label placement
  From this information, Style Source will be happy to provide you with a pre-cost estimate. This type of estimate does not involve the creation of a sample; rather, we will rough out a pattern and calculate utilization without the advantage of using actual patterns or size ratios. This service is provided at no charge and will take 5-10 business days.

In order to provide a more accurate price, Style Source will need to develop a pattern and construct a first sample. We will provide a price consistent with the sample we provide. If changes are to be made, your price is subject to modification accordingly.

Import Pricing
In order to provide accurate import pricing, Style Source requires a counter sample, a completed spec pack, or both. We will create a spec pack for you for a fee of $150. We also incur freight costs for shipping samples and spec packs, so we will ask for a credit card number to charge these costs. You need to be in a position to order production quantities, as we do not price import apparel as an exercise. We do not charge for the pricing, only the costs of freight, and an estimate usually takes 10-14 business days. You must provide estimated quantities per style/color with your request.

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