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Style Source Inc offers a full range of pattern making services to the trade. Our decades of manufacturing experience affords us a technical perspective difficult to duplicate. We can devise first patterns from conceptual drawings and produce first samples and specifications. The level of expertise required is offered incrementally so your costs are dictated by the depth of the service required. Call us for a quotation on your specific needs. We offer:

  • First Patterns
  • First Samples
  • Sourcing of fabrics and findings
  • Grading
  • Marking
  • Plotting
  • Material utilization analysis
  • Specification development (measurement)
  • Construction sequence and seam types
  • Overseas specification packages
  • Size sets

Additionally, we offer consulting services covering the range of sourcing, start up manufacturing, CAD usage, implementation of Quickbooks or Quickbooks PRO, material utilization, fabric identification and quality parameters (shrinkage, defects, yield,coloration, etc) and in process quality control.

Please consider that our deep history and experience as garment producers provides us with a skill set that many similar services do not have. We will advise you if your product type fits within our area of expertise and will refer you to additional sources if we feel you are best served with another company. Our objective is to offer the range of services necessary to get you up and running and successful as quickly as possible.


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