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  Costing Import Clothing

You would be surprised at how many people call Style Source asking for a price on an item while providing no product specifics. They ask for a "general idea" and often try to base their decision-making process on a guess.

Style Source will NOT provide generalized pricing without knowing the basics (fabric type, weight, and content; colors; quantities; size range). Specific pricing requires a full spec pack and a sample if available. Swatches of the fabric in correct weight are also very helpful. If you do not have one, please find something close and submit it with any necessary comments (softer, heavier, drapier, etc.). An import submittal checklist is available for review.

For colors, we prefer that you use a PANTONE number or submit a fabric swatch. If you know your grading, please define it for us. If you are unsure of the grade, we will be happy to make recommendations.

The final piece of information Style Source requires for accurate import pricing is quantities per color. Quantities dictate where we will place production and strongly influence pricing. Production at our minimums (1200 per style/600 per color) will not yield as favorable a price as a 10,000-piece order.

Any samples submitted will be sent overseas, so please understand that they will not be returned.

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