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  Brokerage of Import Clothing

Style Source will be happy to provide price estimates for specific programs. We can give you a very "rough" idea on commodity items once we are informed of quantity, colors, sizes, fabric types, fabric weight, fabric content, and purchasing requirements. In order to provide a "true" price we need either a "spec pack" or a sample (or a combination of both). We will then forward these to our overseas resources for pricing. Please bear in mind that your sample will not be returned unless you specify and agree to pay freight on the return.

A fully developed spec pack is ideal. Click here for a sample spec pack. If you do not have the internal capabilities needed to develop a spec pack we can do it for you ($150 per pack).

Apparel Pricing & Logistics
Import apparel pricing is dependent on many factors besides the cost of materials and labor. The country of origin is selected based on quantities, turn time, freight considerations, quota, quality criteria, etc. We will quote either FOB port of origin or LDP exclusive of freight with a freight estimate. We work exclusively with our broker, for logistics. You may contact Robb Pacheco of Fleischer Freight Services, Inc. at 772-480-8769 if you are planning to work with us and wish to take advantage of our LDP pricing. Simply mention that you are setting up an account with Style Source and he will walk you through the process of becoming an importer of record. Using this option means you are free from worrying about transportation scheduling, paperwork, customs clearance, duties, and the myriad of fees associated with importation. With LDP pricing Fleischer will bill us directly for all fees, other than freight and freight related fees. They will work with us on logistics and between us we will handle getting the goods delivered to your designated delivery point.

For more information on Style Source, click here or call 910-399-2288.

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