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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A great year to private label!

The turn of the calender year brings us renewed opportunities to identify and target markets with unique graphics and embellishments supporting your own private label brand. Style Source has expanded decorating options in our "branded apparel program" and now offers crystal application and digital printing. We will purchase the brand/style/colors and sizes you want, change the labels (private labeling) and print/embroider your specific art. We fully warrent the products to be fee of manufacturing defects and handle all aspects, including packageing, to deliver you the exact product you envision. If purchasing branded apparel does not suit your specific fit requirements we can develop customized styles useing virtually any type of fabric with minimums beginning at 360 pieces per style useing our stock fabrics and colors.

Feel free to call us at 610-740-1633 to discuss your specific custom private label or custom apparel manufacturing needs. Whether it is childrens apparel manufacturing, adult, or even dog tee shirts we will produce them with a high level of quality and integrity.


duke said...

"Useing"---hey Geoff, why don't you learn how to spell you russian moron.

6:13 AM

yoyo11111111 said...

just fooling with you buddy--you crack me up sometimes.....nice article though.

7:24 AM


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