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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Private Label Garment Manufacturing

Many customers call to inquire about private label apparel. Some want to put their label on existing garments (private labeling commodity garments) while others want to have their own "private label" sewn in during manufacturing. Style Source will provide either service. We buy manufacturer brand products ( ) , remove existing labels and sew in customer labels. This is primarily done for customers who wish to print or embroider the garments (services we also provide). Often, when logo or graphics driven, it is the art that sells the shirt, and this approach requires much lower minimums and is less expensive than custom private label apparel. For customers who want products that are not commonly found due to shape, structure or fabric type we offer full package custom apparel to customer specifications with private labeling as an option. Custom apparel manufacturing for short runs is typically more expensive, as the costs to develop, sample, custom color and assemble short runs is inefficient. However, it does provide value added that may offer opportunity to reach markets that allow higher pricing.


Brent Basham said...

Can you tell me anything about licensing rights? I'm looking to start a line of clothing beginning with t-shirts. I want to know if I could use some graphics like Speed Racer or something similar. Where would I go to find out about licensing?

8:28 PM

DressThatMan said...

Create original art! "Speed Racer" is a work of art that is trademarked. Licensing would cost considerably.

11:56 AM


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