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Friday, April 06, 2007

Organics and Bamboo...Both offered at Style Source!

Organically grown cotton fabrics and bamboo have become extremely popular. Style Source works closely with the only US mill producing certified organically grown cotton. We also work with a Canadian mill that imports certified organic cotton yarns. We offer a full range of circular knit fabrics that may be custom dyed to customer specifications including ribs, interlock, jerseys, french terry, fleece and thermals. Additionally, we are running organic cotton/bamboo blends, many of which have a small percentage of spandex. When combined, bamboo and organic cotton make an extremely soft and supple fabric, on par with cotton/modal blends for hand.

Custom apparel production from these fabrics is going into womens tops and dresses, infantwear and tee shirts. Private labeling of these garments is offered at no extra charge. Organic apparel manufacturing continues to grow as increased plantings are dedicated to organic fiber production. Hopefully, worldwide demand will encourage additional organic acreage.

Style Source Relocation Plans

In late September Style Source will make several changes. Geoff and Heather will be moving the corporate offices to Wilmington North Carolina. In addition, the Allentown facility will relocate to the site of one of its main sewing contractors. Why? First, and most importantly, we want our customers to think of a visit to Style Source headquarters as a destination trip. With Wrightsville, Topsail, Kure and Carolina Beach all within a 30 minute drive a visit to Style Source will be a mini-vacation! Within an hours drive are Myrtle Beach, Oak Island, Southport and the Outer Banks! If golf is essential to the visit Geoff will try to arrange a tee time at the Cape Fear National golf club. This would be especially fun for those who enjoy laughing at a really bad golfer.

Our headquarters will house our showroom, product development center, branded apparel, and import offices. All business will flow through these offices to our Allentown facility. Our Allentown management has been with us since the companies inception (and for 4 years prior to that!), and are dedicated to insuring production implimentation and processing remain seamless(that's an industry joke...seamless...get it?). Their re-location will put them on-site at one of our two largest cut and sew facilities.

For anyone who might know an experienced patternmaker that may wish to join our team in Wilmington please do pass the name along to us.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Over the past 4 years we have accumulated nearly 12,000 yards of obsolete or overrun fabrics. They are all first quality and mostly knits. Wholesale fabric pricing is reduced to as low as 50% of actual cost. There are 95% cotton 5% lycra baby french terry fabrics that cost $4.25 a yard listed at $2.00! We have a large assortment of single rolls, including prints, slubs, novelties and stripes. We will not cut yard goods, only sell by the roll. Call us to discuss your fabric roll good needs, or click on our homepage icon to access a partial list of wholesale fabric available.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A great year to private label!

The turn of the calender year brings us renewed opportunities to identify and target markets with unique graphics and embellishments supporting your own private label brand. Style Source has expanded decorating options in our "branded apparel program" and now offers crystal application and digital printing. We will purchase the brand/style/colors and sizes you want, change the labels (private labeling) and print/embroider your specific art. We fully warrent the products to be fee of manufacturing defects and handle all aspects, including packageing, to deliver you the exact product you envision. If purchasing branded apparel does not suit your specific fit requirements we can develop customized styles useing virtually any type of fabric with minimums beginning at 360 pieces per style useing our stock fabrics and colors.

Feel free to call us at 610-740-1633 to discuss your specific custom private label or custom apparel manufacturing needs. Whether it is childrens apparel manufacturing, adult, or even dog tee shirts we will produce them with a high level of quality and integrity.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Those of you who know Heathers story also know she has maintained a high motivation level towards "giving back" to research for a cure for blood born cancers. When she went in for her bone marrow transplant she was already talking about participating in the Dublin Ireland marathon the following year. Doctors humored her, and many encouraged the idea with the underlying presumption that haveing a goal is important but this would never happen. WRONG!

Not only has Heathers recovery been record setting but she began training 9 months after the procedure and in late October we flew to Dublin. There were over 12,000 participants and most were runners. Heather walks, but really, really fast. She completed the marathon in 5 hours and 42 minutes, averageing the 26.2 miles in 13 minute miles. She placed 6,912 , besting many runners.

We spent an extra week touring southern Ireland, from Dublin to Cork to Galway. It is an exquisitely beautifull country with every town haveing equal charm and not a friggin shopping mall in sight. There is something to be said for a total absence of moderninity. The exchange rate was dreadfull and the cuisine most basic, but the trip was a success in both reaching a life goal and setting yet another standard for what determination, perseverance and a positive attitude can acheive.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Last year was the year of rayons. Meryl, Lyocell, Model, etc both in 100% and blended with cotton. Most popular was the model/supima fabrications for womens tops (primarily baby rib and jersey). These fabrics offered superb buttery hand with silky drape. They were pricey, however, running from the low $4 to $7 a yard.

This year it's all about organics and natural fibers. Bamboo has been very popular, mostly in bamboo/cotton blends incorporating spandex. Bamboo with organic cotton has also generated alot of interest. The bamboo fabrics have similar hand to the rayons yet are considerably less expensive (mid $3- low $4) . We have seen a run on organic fabrics as well, especially the 100% organics. People are beginning to realize that many of the products claiming to be organic only have 4-6% actual organic fiber. Be sure to ask the % organic content when buying!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Custom Apparel Manufacturer

Custom apparel manufacturing is what we do! From your specs we produce custom apparel. We utilize either our 100% cotton stock fabrics or can source virtually any fabric for custom apparel manufacturing. Visit our website to view the catagories of garmensts we service at . For a list of information we require to start go to Our website is full of information, whether the garments are pre-made, sourced overseas, or manufactured to specifications. Give us a call for all of your custom apparel manufacturing needs.

Private Label Garment Manufacturing

Many customers call to inquire about private label apparel. Some want to put their label on existing garments (private labeling commodity garments) while others want to have their own "private label" sewn in during manufacturing. Style Source will provide either service. We buy manufacturer brand products ( ) , remove existing labels and sew in customer labels. This is primarily done for customers who wish to print or embroider the garments (services we also provide). Often, when logo or graphics driven, it is the art that sells the shirt, and this approach requires much lower minimums and is less expensive than custom private label apparel. For customers who want products that are not commonly found due to shape, structure or fabric type we offer full package custom apparel to customer specifications with private labeling as an option. Custom apparel manufacturing for short runs is typically more expensive, as the costs to develop, sample, custom color and assemble short runs is inefficient. However, it does provide value added that may offer opportunity to reach markets that allow higher pricing.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Dharma Decides to Continue Original Styles!

After a few months of feedback Dharma has decided to take the "classic coke" path by offering both Style Sources original styles and the clone imports. This makes for the best of both worlds. Those customers highly cost sensitive may purchase the import items and those who find our durability, uniformity and consistancy worth the extra expense may purchase the original empire dresses (style 77) and rompers (style 19) . We thank our partners at Dharma for realizing that cheaper is not always better, and we thank our customers for providing enough input to them to help them make the decision.

Golf Outing Raising Funds for Leukemia Research

On August 25th we will be sponsoring a golf tournament at Olde Homestead Golf Course in New Tripoli PA to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Heather plans on walking the Team in Training Dublin Marathon in October and we will be donating the funds to the LLS in her name to sponsor her efforts. Those of you who know Heather remember the difficulties she has endured with three relapses and her eventual bone marrow transplant. It is a fact that every 5 minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood borne cancer, and every 8 minutes someone dies from one. Our son, Aarons, good friend, Adam Wolk, died at the age of 18, just before high school graduation, from leukemia, and we are memorializing him with thes outing.

Anyone interested in participating, donating gifts to be used as raffle or door prizes, or wishing to sponsor one of the many events please contact for a brochure and sign up sheet.